Dejah Purnell
Professor McKinley
English 116.23
21 November 2017

Fine Arts Vs Sports
There are many extra curriculums activates in a high school, many people wonder where the money comes from and what will happen if they do not reach their money quota? Public schools receive their money from there town through taxes, if the town do not pay enough taxes the high school will have to do a budget cut. In this case the high school will have to pick between the arts which includes music or sports like football. The a rt and music should stay in many high school curriculums, art and music can help children with developments of the body, children with disabilities, therapy, social skills and more.
Art and Music can help children with disabilities a study form S usan Honeyman   book Child Pain, Migraine, and Invisible Disability, in the book it explains how higher levels of achievement in school settings. Honeyman quoted form a chairman in the American Educational Research Association noted that "the arts may contribute to students with special needs as the arts increase their involvement and as a result, gain self-confidence through the arts, their classmates, and enhance teacher perception of these students" (Honeyman 93).

Art is an expre ssion or application of human creative skill and imagination, art can also be useful to the human body for example, art t herapy is a form of a psychotherapy healing treatment that encourage patients to have an open mind while they are painting, drawing or any other art activists, it is also a treatment for those who haves a mental dieses or disability such as Parkinson, schizophrenia and more. Art Therapy also can promote some form of brain plasticity that, to some extent, might compensate for the brain damage caused by the disease (1) .For example, about 420 schizophrenic patients were involved in the MATISSE trial. They were subdivided into three subgroups of equal size. Group art therapy was administered to one subgroup while the other two received active treatment or standard care treatment (2) ( some active treatments may include patients being in engaged in collective activity, such as board games, watching and discussing DVDs, and more ). E vidence of a population-level effect of group art therapy over the other treatments was found in terms of global functional improvements in mental health or other health-related outcomes. A follow-up anal ysis on the same data found e vidence for improvement even among specific subgroups of pati ents.
Art can be used for devel o p mental benefits like motor skills, language, d ecision making, visual learning, inventiveness, culture awareness and improved academic performance. Usually motor skills, visual learning and decision making the most. Motor skill can be defined as hold something or to do any physical actions: for example, holding a paint brush or scribbling with a pencil uses motor skills. When you pick up an object your brain sends signals to your arm, so you can use the item. Motor skills is also a huge help with the growth of a child and they continue to develop stronger as the child grows and learn more. Language development starts off young and helps understand the difference between each shape as a child grow into a young adult their language skills will comes from learning different shapes to understanding how to socialize and interact with one another. Decision making should be encouraged in school to help strengthens problem-solving and critical-thinking skills for example, if an art student gets in trouble in school he or she would have to make the decision of dealing with his consequences and learn not to make a bad mistake again or do the same mistake and having a possibilit y of getting in trouble, another example how art can help with making positive decisions are grades. Most students who are in art want to stay in art, they know if their grade average go below a certain number they cannot participate in any art activities. To prevent this action most students makes a wise decision to keep their grade-point- average above standards.
Art can help the future generation with culture and culture can help understand art. Each