Dejah Purnell
Professor McKinley
English 101
December 3, 2017
Course Final
This year English 101class has been more helpful than my last year class . English has always been my hardest subject even though my final grade may not be the best I have learned and understood my work better for example, last year we went over rhetorical analyzes I honestly did not understand anything, my professor last year did not take her time to help her students. The most challenging part of this course was the annotated biography. I did not understand the format of the paper I also did not put a lot of time into it and this was a huge effect. I really like when we gave our papers to different people and they proof read it and gave advice. I highly recommend classmate proof reading more often!
In the begging of class, we were giving a syllabus it was helpful I put most of the due dates in my phone, I love how the class did not have a book or a n access code. I personally believe why pay 200 or more on a book that we will only use for a week or 4 months. My strength in papers are the format including the web cited, research and editing/proof reading. I feel like I do ok with the work cited if I keep the mla paper next to me to look over the steps. When it is time to search for research I have an easy time but when I had to use the KCC data base I had a hard time finding the correct words to find a scholarly journal. When it is time to type my paper, I have a tough time transferring my paragraphs, sometimes I would get really stuck and will stay in one area for a day or more. I do feel like I am a good proof reader and editor but only for other people paper. When it comes to my paper I would have the hardest time finding my errors. My weakness would be my grammar. I always had a challenging time with my grammar I wish I can take a class that will reteach you the very basic of English, that class will help me out a lot. Supporting my claims is another weakness. I would have a great idea or sentence but would have the worst time trying to explain my thoughts into a sentence, I also would not have enough information to help state my claim.
I believe professor McKinley did an amazing job she really cares about her students and related to us in a lot of ways outside of school. She also explains her assignments well and I will always remember my buns and farts. My advice for student next semester would just be don't wait to the last minute, it gets difficult after a while, and if you have any questions just ask if you do not ask you will not understand the assignment well and you will have a very stressful time trying to complete it. This year has been a good and challenging one but if you truly want to succeed you will make it though, it might not be the best, but you have accomplished something and to me that is better than quitting.